Blackwood Budget Vets have help from the Fire Brigade

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Blackwood Budget Vets have help from the Fire Brigade

A small rabbit named Coco came to us last week with a ring type tag around its leg which had been on since birth, The tag then became very embedded in the rabbits leg as he grew bigger and the owners called us to... help.

After several attempts with different equipment the vets here were unable to remove the ring as it was that tight that it was impossible to get underneath to remove it. 

After a while we contacted the local fire brigade to see if they any suggestions in removing the ring, they were overwhelmed by the story and insisted we took it there to have it removed with specialist equipment. The rabbit was taken to Cefn Fforest fire station where the whole shift were called down to see the rabbit and use a special ring cutting machine to free the rabbits leg.

The staff at the station were excited about the unusual case that they have wrote a story and displayed it on their notice board and shared it across the region. We thought we would share this story with everyone and thank Cefn Fforest Fire department for all of their help with little Coco!