Budget Vets New Territory Manager

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Budget Vets New Territory Manager

As an industry leader Budget Vets often buck the trend, breaking with convention and offering a better service as a result.  It’s in this pioneering spirit that they have appointed a Territory Manager, Kate Richards.

Kate has worked with Budget Vets in a variety of job roles for the past 2 years, working her way from Auxiliary Nurse to Senior Manager. It is thanks to the fact that Kate has worked her way up through the business that she understands how the branches run and how the business as a whole operates.

As Territory Manager, Kate will oversee key accounts: Acting as a business-to-business liaison; Working with the communities that Budget Vets’ branches serve; providing educational programmes to schools and supporting various local charities, such as Hope Rescue. 

Budget Vets continue to grow but are keen to ensure that they remain very much part of the communities they serve, providing education to the next generation and supporting communities in projects to benefit animals and their owners.

Budget Vets hope that this new appointment will open up a wide range of opportunities to the local community, from education to sponsorship. It is certainly an exciting time for Budget Vets, the veterinary industry and the communities of South Wales.