Don't Make your Christmas Meal a Dog's Dinner

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Don't Make your Christmas Meal a Dog's Dinner

Don’t make your Christmas meal a Dog’s Dinner

In a recent survey by a pet food company over 50% of dog owners said they will be giving their pets human food at Christmas. The most popular reason for doing so was that their owners felt that they were part of the family and for 15% of them it resulted in a trip to the vets!

Many of the respondents were aware that feeding human food to their dogs could be potentially dangerous for them but because it ok to do so because it was C...hristmas.

Kate Richards, Territory Manager of Budget Vets said there is always an influx of cases of pets with stomach, bowel and kidney problems in the days after Christmas due to their owners feeding them unsuitable food.

Commenting on the survey and her own experiences Kate said. It never ceases to surprise us in our branches when dogs and cats are brought in with these symptoms. Their owners think they are giving their pets a treat by feeding them turkey, chocolate and even mince pies in some cases, but they’re not, in fact they are doing them much more harm than good. Turkey and gravy can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and fruit in mince pies can damage kidneys.”

Other effects of feeding your pets food prepared for human consumption can include hyper-activity, obesity and behavioural issues.

Kate concluded, “We strongly recommend that the best way to treat your pets this Christmas and keep them happy and healthy is to give them a healthy balanced diet and show them lots of love and attention.”