Here comes the summer!

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Here comes the summer!

The summer is here! But with that comes extra precautions that you should take for your pets -

  • Never leave dogs in cars during the summer months! temperatures inside cars during the summer can quickly get very high and cause dogs to overheat, which unfortunately can lead to death. If you cannot take your dog inside with you, leave them at home.
  • Don't exercise your dogs during the hottest hours of the day - 11am - 3pm. exercising them during the hottest time can lead to heat stroke. Please exercise them early in the morning or in the evening.
  • When you do take your dogs out to exercise, ensure you take plenty of fresh water or them to drink.
  • Pets inside the home such as small mammals and birds - ensure that they are kept away from windows and direct sunlight to prevent over heating, and that they have plenty of fresh water.
  • Pets that live in the garden such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets - ensure that their hutch or living area is kept in the shade atc all times, and that they also have plenty of fresh water.
  • If you have cats that mainly live outside, always provide fresh water close to the home so that if you are out they can still access it.

If you have any questions or problems, please dont hesitate to contact oe of our branches for advice.