Launch of New Canine Vaccination Nobivac Lepto 4

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Launch of New Canine Vaccination Nobivac Lepto 4

Nobivac Lepto 4 - From 1st March 2015 Budget Vets will be launching it's new vaccine for dogs of Nobivac Lepto 4!

Like most things, diseases that our pets are exposed to are changing all the time. Vaccinations have been responsible for the huge reduction in the incidence of several potentially fatal pet diseases. For many years dogs have been vaccinated against one of the most widespread canine diseases, Leptospirosis. Previously vaccines protected against the two most common forms of the disease but recently there have been a number of confirmed cases of new strains that have emerged in Europe. Confirmed cases of these new strains have previously been few and distant, but recently animals...have been diagnosed as nearby as Bristol and Cardiff.

The welfare of animals in our local community is what drives Budget Vets and we are devoted to offering the best care and protection available for pets. We are therefore delighted to confirm that we will be using a new four strain Leptospirosis vaccine for all dog vaccinations from the 1st of March 2015.

If owners would like to know more about the disease risk or our vaccination programme then we would be very happy to talk to them.