Remember Remember Pets and Animals on the 5th November

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Remember Remember Pets and Animals on the 5th November

Whilst the same advice is provided about the welfare and safety of pets and animals on and around November 5th it is very important to remind people why they should be considerate of the potential distress and harm that could be caused to our furry friends.


The experts at Budget Vets have provided a few basic points to follow that won’t compromise your enjoyment of the occasion and will keep animals safe and sound.


·         The most important rule to follow is to keep pets wherever possible indoor and block cat flaps and close windows to stop them escaping back outside.

·         Shut your blinds and curtains and perhaps turn additional lights on in the house as well as the television and radio.

·         Go out for a walk with your dog during the day preferably before it gets dark and the fireworks start.

·         Build cosy hideaway dens in your house for cats and other pets to hide in and feel safe and warm.


Kate Richards, Territory Manager of Budget Vets explains, “The majority of animals have more advanced senses including hearing and sight compared to ours. We understand what is going on around us but our pets and animals don’t. It’s extremely confusing for them and very stressful.”


“Sudden loud noises like the bang of a firework will cause them to panic and bolt in any direction including onto roads potentially causing accidents. Tragically we have also had to treat horses in the past that have bolted info barbed wire fences causing severe wounds to their bodies requiring a lot of treatment.”


It is also worth noting that if you do have animals that are kept outside, please try to keep them in their stables and cages and try to muffle the noise of the fireworks using blankets.


Enjoy fireworks night but spare a thought for our pets and animals. 



Remember Remember Pets and Animals on the 5th November