Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, Please Don’t Forget Your Pets Safety is Reliant on You

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Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, Please Don’t Forget Your Pets Safety is Reliant on You

Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue,

Please Don’t Forget Your Pets Safety is Reliant on You

If you choose to express your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day and buy them flowers, chocolates, candles or wine, please be careful if you have pets.

This is the warning Budgets Vets are giving to pet owners thinking about buying presents to celebrate their relationships this weekend.

“We fully appreciate people wanting to buy presents for their partners to celebrate Valentine’s Day and certainly don’t want to curtail the special occasion but do ask that they consider their furry partners,” warns Kate Richards, Territory Manager of South Wales veterinary practice Budget Vets.

We generally tend to see animals that have access to the whole of the house being affected by Valentine’s Day presents as they are the ones who will investigate the new smells and tastes of the presents.

Did you know that lilies are very toxic for cats and can cause kidney failure? We advise that cat owners either place flower arrangements containing lilies out of harm’s way or even remove the flower from them to protect their feline friends. Even petals that have fallen off the lilies are still very harmful.

A dozen red roses will also mean over a hundred sharp thorns. Please make sure you keep these safe as they can cause a lot of pain if eaten by your pets or stood on resulting in infected pads.

Artificial sweeteners might be helpful for you and your partner’s waistline but they can cause liver problems for your dog. Always read the list of ingredients and if your sweet treat contains artificial sweeteners especially Xylitol then keep it well away from your dog.

You will probably want to wrap your present with bows, ribbons and string. Of course it’s lovely to do this but make sure you safely dispose of these once the present has been opened as cats in particular like to chew and eat these and they can cause internal problems especially with their intestines.

Are you thinking about sharing a candlelight dinner in the comfort of your house? After the food and drink has been consumed please make sure you tidy up before you settle down to watch the rom-com on the sofa. Human food can be harmful to your pets especially bones and chocolate resulting in sickness and respiratory problems.

Even a tiny amount of alcohol can be dangerous for our furry friends and leaving lit candles in a room with an unsupervised pet can have obvious results!

We wish you and your loved one and your pets a very Happy Valentine’s Day.