Cat Vaccination

Cats need to be vaccinated before they are allowed out in the big wide world, this is to protect them against diseases and infections such as feline leukaemia and feline calcivirus.

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At Budget Vets we use Veterinary Licenced vaccines manufactured by MSD for our cats, and can vaccinate kittens from 9 weeks old. Kittens need to have 2 vaccines given 3 weeks apart to give them the maximum protection when venturing outdoors. They cannot go out until at least 7 days AFTER their 2nd vaccination.

All cats then need a yearly booster vaccination given 12 months after their 2nd kitten vaccination, for the rest of their lives. If you do not get your cat’s annual booster done, you are risking them picking up infections even though they have received their kitten vaccinations. If you run over due on your cat’s vaccinations, they can be re-started by having 2 vaccines given 3 weeks apart – just like when they were a kitten.

We offer a kitten package which includes – 1st and 2nd vaccine, microchip, 1 x flea treatment, 1 x wormer. Please contact the branch you would like to visit to make an appointment.