Dog Feeding

There are many different ways that you can feed your dog, whether it be 2 small meals a day, 1 large meal or ad-lib.

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The most important thing is that it suits you and your dog, and your dog is healthy. Diet plays a massive part in your dog’s health, and it’s important to feed him a diet that is correct for his breed, size and life stage. At Budget Vets we stock Specific and Eukanuba diets. They offer a variety of diets for all stages of life but at an affordable cost.

Even though adult dogs are fine to have 1 large meal a day, puppies are very different. It’s best to spread your puppy’s daily food allowance over 3-4 small meals per day, this is because they need a lot of nutrients to help them grow and simply cannot intake enough in 1 large meal. They must also be on a puppy diet as this contains higher amounts of the nutrients that they require, while adult diets are much lower.

We offer a puppy package for £64.99 which includes – 1st and 2nd vaccine, kennel cough vaccine, microchip, 1 x flea treatment, 1 x wormer. Please contact the branch you would like to visit to make an appointment.