Dog Fleas

At Budget Vets we use a Veterinary Licensed flea treatment for all of our cats and dogs, and give it as the flea treatment in our kitten and puppy packs.

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We use a spot-on treatment that is dosed based on your pets weight, so is very accurate and runs no risk of under or over dosing your pet. We also stock a palatable tablet product that protects your dog for 3 months aginast fleas and ticks. 

If your pet already has fleas it is very likely that they are also in your home. We would therefore recommend a household spray such as Indorex which we sell in the branches.

We offer a puppy package for £64.99 which includes – 1st and 2nd vaccine, kennel cough vaccine, microchip, 1 x flea treatment, 1 x wormer. Please contact the branch you would like to visit to make an appointment.