Dog Neutering

At Budget Vets we have a strong belief in neutering all pets to prevent unwanted litters. We work closely with a number of different charities to help encourage people into neutering, and neutering early.

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We neuter dogs from 6 months of age, and cats from 16 weeks. This is because cats can breed from a much earlier age than dogs, and are usually pregnant by the time owners realise they can breed. 

We do not spay bitches in season. This is because it can cause complications during surgery and added risks to your dog’s health, we will spay them 12 weeks post-season. Males can be castrated any time after the 6 month mark. Many people do not believe in castrating males, however neutering can prevent many health problems in dogs and also prevent many behavioural issues. Please visit for more information.

We do accept cats protection neutering vouchers, and also work with the Dogs Trust which allows people in receipt of certain benefits to pay just £30 to have their dog or bitch neutered. 

When dogs and cats are neutered, they will have stitches that need to be removed in 10-14 days and a buster collar to prevent them pulling out their stitches (not male cats).

To book your dog or cat in please contact the branch you would like to visit. 

We offer a puppy package for £64.99 which includes – 1st and 2nd vaccine, kennel cough vaccine, microchip, 1 x flea treatment, 1 x wormer. Please contact the branch you would like to visit to make an appointment.