Other Rabbits

Rabbits are naturally very social animals and prefer to be kept with another rabbit than on their own. Rabbits left alone can develop abnormal behaviours.

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However, when keeping rabbits together rabbits of the same sex can fight if not properly introduced, neutering will help to prevent this.

Also, rabbits can breed quite quickly so mixing a male and female rabbit together will undoubtedly result in a litter of little babies, even brother and sister rabbits will mate. If this is a situation you would like to avoid we neuter rabbits from 5 months old, and is worth keeping males and females separate from 4 months old.

We offer a rabbit package at £34.99 which includes:

1 x combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine
1 x panacur wormer
1 x xeno spot-on

Please contact the branch for more information.