Rabbit Dental

Dental care in animals is a very important area to keep on top of. You can do this by bringing your pet in for Free Dental checks in any of our branches and getting some advice on the dental care that your pet requires.

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Starting early on in your pet’s life will help to prevent the majority of dental issues that older pets now face

We have many dental kits available for both cats and dogs which include a small toothbrush, a finger brush and a tube of toothpaste that is flavoured like fish for cats and meat for dogs to encourage them to enjoy it. Daily or at least weekly brushing can help prevent them needing a general anaesthetic and full blown dental when they are older and at a higher risk from anaesthetics.

If an older pet does require dental treatment, we can offer a pre-anaesthetic blood test to ensure that the liver and kidney function is at a high enough level to support the body under an anaesthetic.


We offer a rabbit package which includes:

1 x combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine
1 x panacur wormer
1 x xeno spot-on

Please contact the branch for more information.