Rabbit Diet

Fibre is the most important aspect of a rabbit’s diet and should come from good quality hay and grass. Hay is excellent for the digestive system and also helps wear down the teeth which constantly grow in rabbits.

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Rabbits will pass out the fibre as soft caecotrophs which are then re-eaten and re-digested.

The hay can be supplemented with small amounts of pellets however we do not advise using a muesli style diet as rabbits will become selective and eat the more tasty parts. This can lead to an imbalanced diet meaning they are missing out of vital nutrients. Some vegetables can be offered in small amounts such as dark leafy greens however you should never feed lettuce.

We offer a rabbit package at £34.99 which includes:

1 x combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine
1 x panacur wormer
1 x xeno spot-on

Please contact the branch for more information.