Rabbits and the Environment

Rabbits are very energetic animals that require plenty of space to run, jump, hop, dig and stretch around. They need to have toys and such in their environment to entertain them as they are intelligent animals, but also places to hide such as tubes and a hutch when they feel scared or threatened.

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Rabbits should be kept in a well-ventilated area but one that is also protected from the elements, with plenty of warm bedding such as dust-free hay. If their living area becomes damp, hot or dirty they can quickly become ill. Rabbits can be litter trained and require a place with permanent access for them to go to the toilet, but their living and toilet areas should be cleaned regularly.

We offer a rabbit package at £34.99 which includes:

1 x combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine
1 x panacur wormer
1 x xeno spot-on

Please contact the branch for more information.