Rabbits and Flystrike

Rabbits need to be protected during the spring and summer against Flystrike. Flystrike is a nasty attack from the common blowfly which lands on the rabbit laying its eggs under the rabbit’s skin, and therefore being severely injured by hatching out maggots.

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Unfortunately, if the rabbit is not treated to prevent flystrike it will not be noticed until the maggots are hatched. In severe cases this can lead to death for the rabbit.

Flystrike can be prevented by using a product calledRearguardRearguard should be applied to the rabbit in the spring, and re-applied every 12 weeks through the summer. Rearguard can be purchased from any Budget Vets branch, but the rabbit will need to be brought in and weighed.

We offer a rabbit package at £34.99 which includes:

1 x combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine
1 x panacur wormer
1 x xeno spot-on

Please contact the branch for more information.