Chinchillas are very active during the evening and like lots of space to jump, climb and run. They like to sleep the majority of the day in a cool, well-ventilated area, they must always be housed indoors.

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A dust bath must be provided for chinchillas to bath in daily to keep their coat in good condition.

Chinchillas need plenty of places to hide within their environment if they get scared. Chinchillas like toys made of wood, rope and cardboard to play with and chew, if chinchillas don’t have enough enrichment they can get very bored and develop behavioural problems. Chinchillas require a small amount of hay daily to keep their digestive systems functioning properly, and can be fed a dry pellet diet. They are very sociable animals and need to be housed with at least 1 other friendly chinchilla, however if more than 1 chinchilla is kept together they must both have separate sleeping areas and adequate space to get away from each other if required.