Ferrets and the Environment

Ferrets are naturally inquisitive and need lots of things to do and explore in their environment. Ferrets usually sleep for up to 20 hours a day and are most active at Dusk.

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Ferrets need a large living environment that is secure and prevents escape! They are very agile good climbers and can squeeze through the smallest spaces, so regular checks of their living environment should be carried out to prevent losing your pet. New challenges should be introduced daily such as toys and tunnels, ferrets that get bored can quickly develop behaviour problems and become ill. You could put toys on a rotation basis to prevent having to buy new toys daily.

Ferrets are also very clean animals and their toilet area should be cleaned at least once daily. Ferrets do not do well in extreme temperatures, so should be sheltered from the elements in the winter and kept out of direct sunlight in the summer, some ferrets even like a little swim or paddle to cool down! Plenty of bedding such as blankets and t-shirts should also be provided.